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“Ally Holaday has a true gift and ability to bring healing, recovery, and understanding through deeply interactive and informative connections. Having had a powerfully transformative group healing experience - I was compelled to do one-on-one sessions with her. After an accident left me visibly scarred while I was away from the area, Ally provided remote healing sessions that literally rendered the wound and scarring invisible within only a few weeks. Subsequent remote sessions with her immediately restored my sleep balance and resolved some GI distress. Ally has a unique and life-changing ability to channel forces of good and is able to connect with vital energy sources to provide insight and healing. I’ve learned so much from her and it has allowed me to participate in my own ongoing recovery which has skyrocketed with her help."

J. W.

"Not many people can say they think about their spiritual healer in the shower, but I can. I think about Allison every time I wash my beautiful skin. I think about how grateful I am to have eczema free skin. For about 20 years now, I have struggled with eczema, sometimes so severe that it required oral topical steroids to get under control. I've seen dermatologists, acupuncturists, reiki masters, aromatherapy specialists and herbalists - with no relief. When Allison started working on me, she immediately identified root cause issues and started healing my skin from the inside out! Each session she checked in with me about anything new coming up that might affect my healing. She gave me tools to use in my daily life to amplify her energy work. She was flexible, professional and easy to work with. She's the real deal! Healing people is her calling, 100%. I went from patchy eczema over most of my body to nothing. I've had several months now with clear skin and I am incredibly happy with the results. What a gift!"

A. A.

"Allison's work has made such a large impact on my life. I had a mystery condition for 7 years in which I would have digestive upset after eating certain foods and in the two days following I would break out in rashes and have debilitating anxiety and occasionally depression. I had a multitude of symptoms that confused doctors and every medication I tried just made symptoms worse. Halfway through the number of sessions, Allison said it would take and I started to notice a difference and now I feel like a completely renewed person. My food sensitivities are gone, my energy levels are back enough to actually exercise, my sleep is better, my crippling anxiety is in the past. I am so grateful for her coming into my life."

H. B.

"I am a massage therapist of 10 years and over that time I have had many many treatments and experienced many different styles of work. I believe in the power of touch.  I have always been skeptical about reiki practitioners but after my first session, all I can say is that Allison Holaday is the real deal!

Over the past 6-8 months once the evening rolls around I have had excruciating pain in my left foot nearly every night. It has drained my energy entirely and forced me into bed early. I thought it was either plantar fasciitis a bone spur or maybe my shoes? I have had a multitude of therapists work on my foot over this time with no real results. I came to Allison because I have been having a tough time mentally and emotionally, I have experienced physical and emotional trauma throughout my life and I was willing to put my skeptical thoughts aside to address it. I was not looking for any type of pain relief...

After one session with Allison not only do I feel more positive with more energy... I have not had foot pain since I saw her! The pain in my foot is gone I've never felt better!!!  I cannot fully understand why I feel better but I am beside myself.  I believe in massage therapy, we are taught that trauma is stored in the tissue of the body and I believe in that as well.  Allison is living proof of that fact, no question about it. If you are a skeptic, don't be. She is the real deal." 

J. M.

"Allison is truly the most gifted energy healer I've ever known and I'm forever grateful that our paths crossed! I've spent many fruitless years in traditional therapy try9ing to overcome fears and obstacles that have been holding me back from finding a place of true happiness in my life. Allison not only identified and removed these impasses, but she also gave me the tools and confidence I've been searching for to move forward."

T. S.

"It's difficult to express what I needed when I experienced my first session with Allison. I was feeling a combination of stress, depression, and an overwhelming sense of loss. Allison listened and intuitively registered what I needed to heal. I could feel the intensity of her work, regardless of the distance through Zoom, and the calm that it brought me. She provided healing, a personalized routine to manage my daily needs, and answers to questions that have monopolized my attention for months. Allison's gifts are undeniable and her commitment to her clients is true and filled with love. I can't wait to continue our work together and gain all the benefits and growth that I know it will bring."

A. L.

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