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Allison’s spiritual journey has been long and meaningful but dramatically intensified after going through near-death experiences in this lifetime. Her spiritual abilities were further awakened after these transformative experiences. She has since learned that she was a Medicine Woman and healer in many past lives.


Once Allison experienced these near-death experiences she knew she had to share her many gifts to the world and live humbly in service to others. She recognized on a very deep level the power that comes from energy and intention, and she committed to sharing that power with others who were suffering from a variety of emotional wounds, physical discomfort, and spiritual pain.


As Allison helps others, her gifts continue to expand exponentially. In her first session with someone, she was channeling automatically and began intuitively pulling things out of the client. She is the grateful founder of Energy Release Therapy, a powerful channeled healing modality that allows her to “pull” trapped energy from people using an ancient technique and understanding gathered from centuries of wisdom.


Allison is an intuitive master medicine woman healer with 18,000 years of wisdom to tap into each individual and heal whatever needs to be released. She is also a medium, public speaker, animal communicator/healer, reiki master, spiritual ascension teacher, galactic energy master, past life healer, and more! She is committed to keeping the focus always on unconditional love which is the truth of who and what we are meant to be.


Allison helps her clients break unhealthy habits, aids in repairing relationship bonds and experiencing new levels of personal healing satisfaction and helps people connect with a better understanding of the needs of their loving animals. Allison's individualized treatment approach is specifically tailored to the needs of each client. Time and again she has seen the incredible transcendent power of her treatments change lives. 

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